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Review of Published Research on the Relationship of Some Personality Variables to ESP Scoring Level  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Gordon L. Mangan
62 pp. (1958) ISBN 0-912328-03-7 
Price: $10.00
PE Club Discount Price: $9.00

In this monograph the author reviews the best evidence of the time that personality characteristics influence ESP results. He focused on two major lines of experimentation, that done by Betty Humphrey of J. B. Rhine's Parapsychology Laboratory, and that done by Gertrude Schmeidler of the City Colleges of New York.

Dr. Humphrey's work involved giving personality questionnaires covering such traits as expansiveness-compressiveness, security-insecurity, extraversion-introversion using the Bernreuter and Guilford-Martin scales and relating personality scores with ESP scores. Dr. Schmeidler's research used the Rorschach test to evaluate psychological adjustment, relating that variable and belief in one's ability to exhibit ESP in the test (the sheep-goat hypothesis) to ESP scores.

After a critical review of the methods used by each researcher, the author concluded that there is evidence that "we might judge that subjects who are somewhat extraverted, secure, temperate, well-adjusted, who are favorably disposed towards ESP, and who have a high theoretical value system tend to score high, while subjects who possess opposite characteristics tend to score low."




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