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First International Conference of Parapsychological Studies  (Hardcover) 
Editor(s): Eileen J. Garrett & Frances P. Bolton
(Utrecht, The Netherlands-1953)
140 pp. (1955) ISBN 0-912328-00 -2 
Price: $20.00
PE Club Discount Price: $18.00

Participant(s): Hans Bender, William Mackenzie, Gertrude R. Schmeidler, Emilio Servadio Robert H. Thouless, and René Warcollier, among others.
This groundbreaking conference was held at Utrecht, Holland. Four working groups on different issues and problems of parapsychology were organized: 1) quantitative studies; 2) psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic approaches; 3) spontaneous phenomena and qualitative research; 4) personality of the sensitive.




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