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Brief Manual for Work in Parapsychology  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Palmer, Brier, Delanoy, Hansen, Blackmore and Stokes, Schechter, Stanford & Alvarado
160 pp. (1999) ISBN 0-912328-50-9 
Price: $5.00
PE Club Discount Price: $4.50

This anthology is a collection of articles on doing research in parapsychology taken from the pages of Parapsychology Review. Following an introduction to research in parapsychology by John Palmer, the pamphlet contains chapters on methodology in parapsychology (Bob Brier), controlled experiments (William Braud), writing a research report (Deborah Delanoy), magic and parapsychology (George Hansen), questionnaire research (Susan Blackmore), statistical terminology in parapsychology (Douglas Stokes), meta-analysis (Ephraim Schechter), education in parapsychology (Rex Stanford), and an annotated bibliography for the would-be researcher (Carlos S. Alvarado).




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