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Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal: Report of a Work in Progress  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Lawrence LeShan
112 pp. (1969) ISBN 0-912328-13-4 
Price: $10.00
PE Club Discount Price: $9.00

The monograph, which includes an introduction by the physicist Henry Margenau, is one of the first statements of LeShan’s notion of the individual commonsense and mystical realities and the clairvoyant reality. His original intent was to devise a theory which could explain the fact that scientific evidence exists for both clairvoyance and precognition by recasting the question normally asked by scientific parapsychologists — “How does the sensitive acquire the information?” — to a potentially more fruitful question, “What is the process of interaction between the sensitive and reality in the course of which paranormal information is acquired?”

Having reviewed the way in which such trance mediums as Eileen J. Garrett describe their experiences and relating this to similar experiences of mystics, the author then reviewed these conceptions of reality against modern physics, looking for testable hypotheses that might guide future research.




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