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Medium, Mystic and the Physicist: Toward a General Theory of the Paranormal  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Lawrence LeShan
299 pp. (2003) ISBN 1-58115-273-6 
Price: $19.95
PE Club Discount Price: $17.95

From Helios Press--A reprint of the classic theoretical work in parapsychology first published in 1974, this treatise is still decades ahead of its time. Veteran parapsychologist and psychologist LeShan brings his considerable intellect to bear on "facts that do not fit" such as clairvoyance and precognition. His efforts to accommodate these abilities scientifically leads him to explore the related realities of the psychic practitioner, mystics and theoretical physicists. A must have both for serious students of parapsychology and for those who are seeking to understand their own experiences.




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