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Toward a New Philosophical Basis for Parapsychological Phenomena  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Hornell Hart
68 pp. (1965) ISBN 0-912328-09-6 
Price: $10.00
PE Club Discount Price: $9.00

The author argues that seven basic parapsychological problems require philosophical illumination: the nature of “astral matter”; the question of whether and to what extent apparitions are conscious; precognition and its place in a natural and comprehensive philosophy; survival; clairvoyance; the incorporation of psi into natural science; and how philosophical thinking about psychic matters can become convergent instead of divergent. Constructive skepticism is adopted as the base of departure of Experientialism in order to arrive at rigorously verifiable conclusions. Some procedural rules are adopted including the use of uncontradictable propositions as foundations. The author proposes five such propositions, among them, “as to my own consciousness, the proposition “I am conscious” is uncontradictable”.

The author goes on to argue that the sensorimotor and the inner worlds may be discriminated operationally as two basic categories of experience. By sensorimotor he means all aspects of the experience, which could be excluded, for the time being, by relaxing completely in a dark, quiet, comfortable room. The inner world consists in all other experience configurations. Further, the axioms which materialistic scientists take for granted as applied to the sensorimotor world are contradicted by psychical and parapsychological phenomena. But the axioms of the inner world are radically different from those of the sensorimotor world and these differences, and the “dimensional” structures of the inner world are important to an understanding of psychic experience.

The author relates the theoretical stance he has taken to the problems of investigating survival, which he feels can be done through a variety of means, including the study of out-of-body experiences, apparitions and precognition. He proposes a research program that may be undertaken to further investigate these phenomena.




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