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Paranormal Phenomena, Science and Life after Death  (Paperback) 
Author(s): C. J. Ducasse
63 pp. (1969) ISBN 0-912328-12-6 
Price: $10.00
PE Club Discount Price: $9.00

The monograph includes three articles written by the author, a philosopher, in which he critically examines the evidence for life after death. In the introduction by philosopher J. M. O. Wheatley, he outlined the “principal effects” of Ducasse’s writings which are that they have: “exposed the ambiguities and obscurities latent in the question of survival”, served to clarify the issues; drawn “connections” between survival and the nature of mind, especially as regards the mind-body problem; confronted the argument that survival is a logical impossibility; made the case that more research is needed, especially from a parapsychological point of view; and underscored the importance of researchers being conversant with previous attempts to study survival.




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