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On the Evaluation of Verbal Material in Parapsychology  (Paperback) 
Author(s): J. Gaither Pratt
78 pp. (1969) ISBN 0-912328-14-2 
Price: $10.00
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The monograph reprints of a study of mediumship communication published by the author in 1936, an article on the topic published by the author and a colleague in 1948, and in comments made when the monograph went to print, reflections on the continued problems of evaluating verbal material.

The author notes in his foreward that J. B. Rhine’s first monograph, Extrasensory Perception, was published two years prior to the publication of the author's initial study. Rhine’s monograph, unlike the author's, established a school. That is, Rhine's monograph led to the establishment of experimental parapsychology as the dominant approach in American parapsychology for decades. The author's monograph, on the other hand, went largely unnoticed as mediumship research in the United States declined over the same decades.

The author’s monograph reviewed previous attempts to analyze verbal material. Using specific items of communication obtained in trance sessions conducted with Eileen J. Garrett, the author then proposed a methodology by which one might test, statistically, whether or not the verbal material obtained from mediums could be shown to be evidential, that is, not just to include “hits” in which information given could be verified, but in which the whole of the communication could be evaluated in terms of its statistical difference from similar information obtained by chance. The reprinted article included a further refinement of this methodology, and a concluding section was also included which updated and commented on the methodology.




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