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Methods and Models for Education in Parapsychology  (Paperback) 
Author(s): D. Scott Rogo
71 pp. (1973) ISBN 0-912328-22-3 
Price: $10.00
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The monograph deals with issues surrounding the education necessary to make substantive contributions to the various literatures of parapsychology. The author reviews the state of education in parapsychology at the time the monograph was published.

The author offered his comments mainly to help teachers build courses in parapsychology for the various possible levels at which such courses could be taught, from introductory college level courses to graduate courses on specific issues, phenomena and methodology. He presents several possible approaches to syllabi development, from the historical approach to the survey approach to spontaneous cases to the teaching of scientific parapsychology as an experimental science. The monograph ends with with the authorís speculations on the future of education in parapsychology.




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