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Altered States of Consciousness and Psi:  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Edward F. Kelly & Ralph G. Locke
New Release
106 pp. (2009) ISBN 978-1-931-747-28-8 
Price: $15.00
PE Club Discount Price: $13.50

Second edition just released: The authors, one a psychologist and the other an anthropologist, reviewed altered states of consciousness and their relationship to seemingly paranormal experience and to results indicative of ESP obtained in the laboratory. They reviewed evidence from the literatures of early psychical research, from major religious traditions, and from what is known about pre-literate societies. Using these literatures, the authors developed a research plan for a systematic exploration of altered states and psi. Added in the 2nd edition is a new introduction bringing the review of the literatures up to date, and adding new insights and bibliography.

The monograph also includes an extensive appendix which provides a cross-cultural framework for studying altered states and psi. A prelminary model of the interaction of altered states and psi is proposed which deals with factors that are important to the induction of altered states, among other specifics, an application of the model, and a reiteration of the potential for scientific progress in parapsychology that the research plan embodies.




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