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International Journal of Parapsychology  (Back Issue) 
(Volume XII, Issue 2, 2001)
Editor(s): Lisette Coly, Nancy L. Zingrone, Ph.D. and Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D
(in English with Abstracts in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish)
241 pp. ISSN 0553-206X 
Price: $22.50 PE Club Discount Price: $20.25

The long-awaited Volme XII, Number 2, 2001 issue of the IJP has just been released! In this issue you will find the following:
Fifty Years of Supporting Parapsychology: The Parapsychology Foundation (1951-2001) by Carlos S. Alvarado, Eileen Coly, Lisette Coly & Nancy L. Zingrone; The Work of Eugène Osty in Psychical Research by Jorge Villaneuva; Are Spirits the Untouchables of Academia? Situated No Legitimacy in Feminism by Kenneth L. Caneva; A Mail Survey of Ouija Board Users in North America by John Palmer; The Many Voices of Eileen J. Garrett by Arthur Hastings; Combat and Paranormal Experiences by Daryl S. Paulson, Ghost Sounds: A Review and Discussion of the Infrasound Theory of Apparitions by Vic Tandy; Book and film reviews, a summary of the contents of non-English journals in 2001, an analysis of so-called "ghost photography" by Lance Storm, Foundation news, biographies of contributors and an index.




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