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Investigating the Paranormal  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Tony Cornell
424 pp. (2002) ISBN 0-912328-98-3 
Price: $36.00
PE Club Discount Price: $32.40

New from Helix Press...In Investigating the Paranormal, veteran ghost investigator Tony Cornell opens up his most compelling case files to rave reviews: “The finest book available on investigating ghosts...I cannot recommend it too strongly” (Fortean Times, October 2002)...“The Best Book of 2002. Tony Cornell has been researching hauntings, poltergeists and mediums for 55 years. He knows his stuff. Each of the case studies that make up this highly entertaining book is a detective story in itself, illustrating the techniques, strategies and technologies Cornell employs in his common sense investigations of the paranormal” ( From reports of a ghost inhabiting a college dormitory, to a poltergeist with an affinity for fine antiques—the author shares detailed episodes of an extraordinary career.




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