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Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and the Rise of Spiritualism  (Hardcover) 
Author(s): Barbara Weisberg
336 pp. (2004) ISBN 0-060566-67-1 
Price: $24.95
PE Club Discount Price: $22.45

Insightful, provocative, and vividly told, Talking to the Dead is the first biography of the Fox sisters and the Spiritualist movement to anchor their story firmly amid the social, religious, political, and economic forces of the time. While most have treated the sisters as a unit, Weisberg brings these very different women to individual life: ebullient, mischievous Maggie, velvet-eyed, ethereal Kate—and their wily, opportunistic elder sister, Leah. Kirkus Reviews called it "a wide-ranging account that persuasively demonstrates that the Fox sisters' role in the founding of modern spiritualism was more a reflection of mid-19th-century culture than an occult phenomenon . . . a well-grounded social history." Richard Lourie, author of "Sakharov: A Biography", wrote: "In vivid detail Barbara Weisberg brings to life her subjects, the flickering Fox sisters, teen psychic spiritualists, a sensation in their day—mid-19th century, pre-Civil War America, a time, as she nicely puts it, of 'mesmerism and phrenology, abolition and suffrage.'" And Lisette Coly, Executive Director of the Parapsychology Foundation commented "Parapsychology Foundation is delighted to have 'backed a winner' with the support of Barbara Weisberg’s effort to bring the Fox sisters and the beginnings of the Spiritualist movement in the United States into focus in such a detailed, thought-provoking and readable fashion. Interest in mediumship continues to this day, and Barbara cogently and pleasingly allows us to contemplate the Fox Sisters’ experiences and times, letting us draw our own conclusions about the meaning of it all." (Author Barbara Weisberg was the 1998 winner of the Foundation's D. Scott Rogo Award for Parapsychological Literature.)




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