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Research in Parapsychology 1993: Abstracts and Papers from the Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association  (Hardcover) 
Editor(s): Nancy L. Zingrone, Marilyn J. Schlitz, Carlos S. Alvarado and Julie Milton
308 pp. (1998) ISBN 0-8108-3477-4 
Price: $43.00
PE Club Discount Price: $38.70

From Scarecrow Press--Abstracts and papers from the Thirty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Parapsychological Association held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The convention was comprised of ten paper sessions, one symposia, two roundtable discussions, seven invited addresses, and three appendices.

Topics covered included: distant mental influence on living systems; meta-analyses of sheep/goat research; waking state, free-response ESP studies, and hypnosis and ESP; geomagnetism and telepathic dreams and psi in the Ganzfeld; ambient magnetic field fluctuations and psi performance; use of the ganzfeld technique in a variety of settings; belief in ESP, belief in luck, and associative processes and psi; conversation analysis of spontaneous experience reports; the use of computer games in PK research, theoretical considerations of PK results, and motivation in PK performance; Scottish second sight; perceptual variables in ESP tests and in aura vision reports; the Bindelof seances; the skeptic/proponent debate; and dissociation and psi. Among the invited addresses were "Multiple Personality and Survival: Further Reflections on the Case of Sharada" (Stephen E. Braude), "Physical Theories and Psi: An Outsider's Perspective" (Joseph G. Depp), "Improving the Quality and Usefulness of Scientific Criticism" (Rex G. Stanford) and Dean Radin's Presidential Address, "Psi Hits and Psi Myths." Among the presenters were William Braud, Yuri Dolin, Edwin C. May, Tony Lawrence, Stanley Krippner, James Spottiswoode, Robert Morris, Dick Bierman, Shigeki Hagio, Robin Wooffitt, Robin Taylor, John Palmer, Carlos Alvarado, Montague Ullman, Marcello Truzzi, and Etzel Cardeña, among others.

The appendices include the program of the 1993 convention, bibliographies of Parapsychological Association members' publications, name and subject indexes, and biographies of the editors.




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