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ESP and Emotions: A New Perspective on How We Use Our Extrasensory Perception  (Video NTSC) 
Speaker(s): Richard S. Broughton
(Eileen J. Garrett Library, New York, NY-2002)
ISBN 1-931747-13-X 
1 video(s).
Price: $5.00
PE Club Discount Price: $4.50

Researchers have long thought that emotions play an important role in extrasensory perception but just what that role is may be very different from what anyone imagined. Recent conventional neuropsychological research on emotions and their underlying brain systems reveals them to be a vital component of our rational decision-making processes, especially when those decisions concern our own future. With this research as a background, Dr. Richard S. Broughton reviews both spontaneous psychic experiences and experimental research to show how the new understanding of the brainís emotional systems may provide a framework for understanding how ESP and intuition shape our behavior.

(Perspectives Series) Also available in video PAL format.




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