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Patterns Where There Should Be None: A Glimpse of Global Consciousness  (Video NTSC) 
Speaker(s): Roger Nelson
(Eileen J. Garrett Library, New York, NY-2003)
ISBN 1-931747-15-6 
1 video(s).
Price: $5.00
PE Club Discount Price: $4.50

Dr. Roger D. Nelson, the director of the Global Consciousness Project which was established in 1998, discusses the goals of the project and reviews the results. Four years of accumulated date show a persistent pattern that is subtle but real. He argues that when we are collectively engaged by powerful events, the GCP’s network of PK detectors responds with a tiny correlation, producing an effect that has millions to one odds against it being purely a coincidence. For Dr. Nelson this means that the human population of the planet are becoming a “noosphere”, a layer of intelligence for the earth. Dr. Nelson’s provocative talk flows from his 22 years of experience at Princeton University’s PEAR laboratory where he developed ways to study conscousness fields in real-world situations. A lively question and answer period completes the lecture.

(Perspectives Series) Also available in video PAL format.




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