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Sensing Contact with the Dead: A Common Experience  (Video NTSC) 
Speaker(s): Sylvia Hart Wright
(Eileen J. Garrett Library, New York City-2003)
ISBN 1-931747-19-9 
1 video(s).
Price: $5.00
PE Club Discount Price: $4.50

Sylvia Hart Wright, author of When the Spirits Come Calling: The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After Death Contacts, gave this Perspectives Lecture to a standing-room-only audience at the Eileen J. Garrett Library in New York City in 2003. Prompted by personal experiences after the death of her husband, Wright set out to find out if others had had similar encounters. In a lively talk, she related her experiences, reviewed the experiences of others, and described the process of discovery that led her to write a book.




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