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ESP Experiments with LSD-25 and Psilocybin  (Paperback) 
Author(s): Roberto Cavanna & Emilio Servadio
New Release
153 pp. (2010) ISBN 1-931747-24-5 
Price: $15.00
PE Club Discount Price: $13.50

First published in l964 with now a new preface to this Second Edition by Professor Emeritus in Psychology, Dr. Charles T. Tart. Robert Cavanno and Emilio Servadio wrote this important volume on the use of psychedelic drugs in experimentation, with their ramifications for exploration of the mind on our transpersonal nature. As Dr. Tart states “This study remains as important today as when it was first published and will hopefully guide a new generation of researchers to finding the knowledge we need.”

DR. ROBERT CAVANNA, was an Italian biochemist with a Ph.D from the University of Rome, interested in general extrasensory perception, engaged in research on the relationship between states of consciousness as affected by psychopharmaceuticals with the occurrence of psi phenomena in volunteers, both “normal” and “sensitive.”

DR. EMILIO SERVADIO, a psychoanalyst, prolific author, co-founder of the Italian Society for Parapsychology was interested in telepathy and ESP from the psychodynamic and psychoanalytic points of view. Long time President of the Italian Psychoanalytic Center of Rome he was particularly interested in telepathy and ESP investigating mediums and miraculous healers.




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