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The Pamphlet Series of the Parapsychology Foundation includes guides for Getting Started in Parapsychology, anthologies, and primers on a variety of topics in the field of parapsychology. Designed for students, teachers of all levels and the general reader. Of special interest are introductions to the field, collections of classic articles from the Foundation's Parapsychology Review (which ceased publication in 1990), and international language titles such as the Japanese and Simplified Chinese translations of Introduction to Parapsychology, and original works in Spanish.

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  Introduction to Parapsychology  by Parapsychology Foundation Staff
  An overview of the history of parapsychology, beginning with the Oracle at Delphi in Ancient Greece to modern-day research of anomalous events. An excellent primer for anyone interested in the origins of this fascinating science.
  Education and Parapsychology  by Beloff, Schmeidler, Child & Morris
  For students: A collection of articles on how to train yourself for a career in parapsychological research. For teachers: Advice on topics and issues important when teaching parapsychology.



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