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Parapsychology Foundation’s Scholarly Monograph Series is a collection of research studies—each devoted to a parapsychological subject of relevance to students, researchers, and serious readers. Many groundbreaking studies were introduced in this series, including Dr. Karlis Osis’s first study of deathbed observations; Drs. Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner’s riveting report on early dream telepathy research; and Dr. Michael A. Thalbourne’s important re-conceptualization of the relationship between ESP and PK.

Since 1999, the General Series Editor has been Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, the Chairman of Domestic Programs & International Programs at the Parapsychology Foundation. He has assembled an Editorial Board which includes such notable parapsychologists as the philosopher Dr. Stephen E. Braude (University of Maryland), psychologists Dr. William Braud (Institute for Transpersonal Psychology), Dr. Deborah Delanoy (University College Northampton), Dr. Alan Gauld (Nottingham University), Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson (University of Iceland) and Dr. Harvey J. Irwin (University of New England, Australia), near-death experience researchers Drs. Emily W. Kelly and Bruce Greyson (Division of Personality Studies, University of Virginia), well-known field investigator Dr. William G. Roll, early remote viewing researcher and retired physicist Dr. Russell Targ, and the Professor of Parapsychology and Hypnology Dr. Etzel Cardeńa (Lund University). Several new titles are in press or in preparation.

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All Monographs-Now Marked Down 30%
  Altered States of Consciousness and Psi:  by Edward F. Kelly & Ralph G. Locke
  Now released: The 2nd Edition of an ambitious survey of the relationship of altered states and psychic functioning, including a cross-cultural framework for research and a model of how psi interacts with altered states.
  ESP Experiments with LSD-25 and Psilocybin  by Roberto Cavanna & Emilio Servadio
  ESP Experiments with LSD-25 and Psilocybin by Cavanna and Servadio; a ground-breaking monograph in 1964, reissued with a forward by Dr. Charles T. Tart.



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