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Internationally-known scholars and scientists present talks on an eclectic mix of parapsychological topics — ranging from 19th century “spirit art,” remote viewing and synchronicity to out-of-body experiences and healing.

The Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum is committed to advancing education in parapsychology by providing intensive courses, seminars and one-day forums held in the U.S. and abroad, in English and other languages. Topics range from introductory to advanced and include PF Staff and notables in scientific parapsychology as the instructors and participants.

All Parapsychology Foundation and PF Lyceum videos are available in both NTSC and PAL format. Shop now and take advantage of our new lower prices.

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PF Lyceum Instructional Videos Perspectives Lecture Videos CD-Roms & All Other Videos
  Psi Explorer CD-ROM 
  Newly reduced price! Psi-Explorer is a Must Have, a multimedia exploration of psychic phenomena and modern parapsychology including video, animation, photos, games, tests and 150 pages of supplementary text. A must-have for serious students of the paranormal! Loads without problems in Windows 3.1 and NT. Click on the title above for more information on Windows XP installations.
  Awareness (DVD Audio Book) 
  Eileen J. Garrett’s insightful volume on her own psychic abilities in a DVD audio book read by Parapsychology Foundation’s Executive Director and Garrett’s granddaughter, Lisette Coly.
  Just What is Parapsychology? 
  A brief introduction to parapsychology with an emphasis on phenomena and research by Carlos S. Alvarado, Ph.D. A must have!



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